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How to Contact Us

If you would like to contact us about anything concerning the Berkshire Weekend Walkers then please use the email addresses or phone numbers below.

The BWW Committee Members
Rob Cameron Chairman, Walks Co-ordinator, Website Admin and Area Rep.
Richard Steele Treasurer
Emma Woodason Membership Secretary and Committee Secretary
Ann Ward Holidays Co-ordinator
Sue Black Ordinary Member
Kathy Dunmore Ordinary Member
Greg Yorke Ordinary Member

Our Contact Details
Chairman or 07786 116988
Walks Co-ordinator or 07786 116988
Membership Secretary
Holidays Co-ordinator
For general enquiries about the group including information about joining, please contact the Membership Secretary.
Please note that as we are part of the Ramblers Association, which is a charity, we cannot advertise businesses on our website.

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The above listed groups are part of the Ramblers Association. There are also other local walking groups, not affiliated to the Ramblers Association, which can easily be found by searching the Internet. A useful directory of walking groups in Berkshire and other English counties can be found at:

Contact Details for the Ramblers Association
The Ramblers
1 Clink Street,
3rd Floor
London, SE1 9DG
Tel 020-7339-8500
Fax 020-7339-8501